According to Ayurveda this is the best time to eat fruits

best time to eat fruits

The best time to eat fruits for good results on the health

Fruits should be a part of our daily diet because by eating them our body gets the required amount of vitamins and minerals but what will be the best time to eat fruits. Fruits act to eject toxins from our body and help maintain beauty along with our health. But still, most of us do not know what is the best time to eat fruits.

best time to eat fruits

Some people feel that if the first diet of the day is a fruit, then health is better. But let me tell you that this thing is not completely correct. Because most fruits are such that after eating on an empty stomach, there is either acidity and burning sensation in the stomach or there is a problem of stomach pain and loose motion.

Eat fruit at breakfast

In breakfast, if you are eating things like oatmeal, chapati, paratha, oats, or sago khichdi, then do not take any fruit or fruit juice with them. Because fruits are not eaten along with any meal. Only mango and banana are these two fruits, which you can eat with food. But keep in mind that your food can contain anything from paratha-chapati to dal-rice but milk should not be there. We have already told you that eating fruit with milk or drinking shake does not spoil health.

Eat fruit at breakfast

So when should one eat fruit

The best time to drink fruit or fruit chaat and juice is two hours after the morning breakfast. That is, between breakfast and lunchtime, you can comfortably take fruits and juice.

best time to take fruit and juice

If it is not possible to eat fruits at this time, then you should eat more fruit after two hours of lunch. At this time, eating fruits will also benefit your health. Half an hour after eating fruits, your tea time will be over and you can enjoy black tea in this tea time.

Why not eat fruits at night?

Usually fruits are not consumed at night. This is due to the sugar and citric acid found in fruits. If you eat fruits at dinner or after meals, you will not be able to sleep soundly and deeply.

Because sugar will increase the level of glucose in your body. This will give energy to the body and blood flow will be more. Due to high blood flow, the oxygen level will be high in the body and due to high oxygen, you feel fresh and energetic. Just sleep flew away!

It is a matter of citric rich fruits that fruits are sour, it is forbidden to eat them at night because consuming these fruits at night can spoil your throat. You may have respiratory problems or a problem with the langs. Therefore, it is better to consume citrus fruits like oranges, seasonal, tangerine, etc. before the sunsets.

not eat fruits at night

The exceptions are banana and mango Like snacks you can eat bananas and ripe mangoes with certain conditions during the night. Dinner is common in the summer season. But when you are having your dinner before 8 pm.

If someone has a bad stomach, having loose motion problems, you can consume bananas. Ripe banana plays an important role in clearing the stomach and healing loose motion. Therefore, if you consume light lukewarm water after eating a banana with black salt in this situation, you can take a banana at night.

This is how you need to vary careful of consuming the food items and one should know the best time to eat fruits for effective results on body and health.

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