Here’s another reason to Snack on Almonds Every day

Snack on Almonds every day

We as a society eat almost double the number of snacks as our previous generation use to eat. We usually meltdown in front of our hunger pangs and often indulge in mid-morning/evening unhealthy snacking.

So why not have a healthy option of snacking!

Snack on Almonds every day. Greatest snack food, easy to grab – on – the – go and the amazing health benefits to reap as well.

An ounce of Almonds are enough and super satisfying. A little goes a long way, so make your self a small snack pouch for daily go, without any crumbles.

1. Packed with Energy

A good source of fiber boosts the feeling of fullness. They contain a good mix of fiber and healthy fat that power you to stay energetic whatever the day may bring. Counted among high protein food, almonds helps to suppress appetite. Magnesium in almonds will combat fatigue and not let you feel exhausted in your work shifts.

Almonds boost your energy level

Even if your meal has less fiber, almonds as snack will provide your body with a decent measure of dietary fiber. A good reason to snack on almonds every day for picky eaters who don’t indulge much in vegetable recipies.

2. They are good for Skin

they are good for skin.While looking for a skin cream or lotion in the market, one usually hunts Vitamin E among ingredients. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and keeps skin healthy and glowing. This vitamin is abundantly found in nuts. So add almonds in your snacks to look younger and feel good. As well the healthy fat in almonds keeps your skin supple.

In all, snacking on almonds not just helps you to get rid of dry and flaky skin but in association with MUFA, it combats aging of skin cells also.

3. Keeps your Heart Healthy

almonds keep your heart healthy

Almonds along with its brown skin are rich in good cholesterol, HDL, and polyphenol antioxidants. Vitamin E, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese all together protect the heart. Those who snack on almonds have a lower risk of heart diseases because it reduces LDL cholesterol, the bad fat. Consumption of almonds prevent arterial plaque deposition, hence is a good add on in daily snack for people having the issue of high blood pressure. As mentioned earlier, have nuts in a moderate way to avoid overconsumption of the same.

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4. Helps in weight control

Obesity is one of the major public health concern affecting all age groups. Almonds can help with weight issues. Almonds contain MUFA( monounsaturated fatty acids) and fiber. Both support our aim to lose weight. Fiber keeps us full and does not let us get involved in nibbling. It actually contains fewer calories as presumed by many who are worried about waist measurements and helps shed unwanted pounds.

 help in weight control

Almonds promote friendly bacteria in the gut. It helps in digestion and prevents related sickness. In addition, it keeps bowel movement good and prevents constipation. This nut is good for the health of the digestive system which further relates to weight issues in many.

5. Promotes Brain Health

almonds improve brain memory

You don’t need many almonds to enhance memory or improve overall brain health. Just 10 almonds soaked overnight in plain water are good to give you benefit. Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Folate, Protein, and I –Carnitine like nutrients found in almonds are boosting memory functions, also alongside are responsible for slowing down the ageing of the brain cells.

Snack on Almonds every day will aid you to concentrate and stay focused than those unpleasant stuffing snacks which instill guilt of adding calories, in you.

With such good reasons to eat almonds, enjoy good health by making them your best friends from the kitchen.

By Rashmi Sharma

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