Health Benefits of Eating Fenugreek Seed

Eating Fenugreek Seed

Are you suffering from prolonged diabetics, high cholesterol, obesity, and other health condition?

If yes, then there is one magic seed that is available at the comfort of your home that can wane away all your health issues, that is – Fenugreek Seed.

Fenugreek seed is formerly an herb that is available in your kitchen easily. There are numerous health benefits of eating fenugreek seed which can be consumed in raw or flavor ingredients in your food item.

The health benefits of eating fenugreek seed facilitate weight loss and diabetics control. In addition to this, it facilitates healthy liver growth and increases your metabolism rate. Therefore, fenugreek seeds comprise of health-benefiting properties to fight against various diseases.

eat fenugreek seed

Ayurveda is a goldmine of health-benefiting properties. A large number of herbs, seeds, fruits, and many more herbal formulas are used in Ayurveda to deal with ‘dosha’ in one’s body. These can also be utilized with varied approaches to deal with various kinds of health issues. Fenugreek seed is one of them. These little, golden color seeds are packed with high supplements for the body and properties that help prevent against a range of common diseases.

The power of methi/fenugreek seed soaked in water overnight is unquestionable. However, soaked methi/fenugreek seed should be consumed in the morning empty stomach. Overnight soaked fenugreek seeds water is something that anyone can intake for prolonged benefits. It facilitates weight reduction and is useful for your liver functioning, diabetics control, and digestion. Hence, fenugreek water benefits are in abundance.

benefits of eating fenugreek seed

If you wish to take advantage of fenugreek seeds, you have other ways also to consume it – take them raw or as a flavor ingredient in your food item.

Flavor of Fenugreek Seed

The taste of methi/fenugreek seeds is different from other herbs available in the kitchen. It is sweet yet bitter. But soaking the seed overnight can release the properties of bitterness from the herb. Also, you can pair this seed with cloves, honey, cardamom, and turmeric to use it as a Kadha/Karha drinks. It is formerly known as Ayurvedic drink which is typically boiled for a length of time. It is the best use as an immunity booster during the cold and changing season when allergies can arise. These shows there are numerous health benefits of eating fenugreek seed daily

Proportionate Portion of Methi Dana/Fenugreek Seed

Methi dana is hot in nature and thus can be utilized in little amounts while cooking or while treating as a home remedy therapy. You can have a teaspoon of methi dana which can be soaked in water overnight. You can heat the water before having it on an empty stomach.

Effectiveness of Consuming Fenugreek Seed

Effectiveness of Consuming Fenugreek Seed

  • It helps to control Diabetics
  • Also helps in better liver functioning
  • It helps in weight loss
  • Also increases the metabolism rate
  • It helps act as an immunity booster
  • Also fights against cancer
  • It fights against obesity
  • Also helps in controlling high cholesterol
  • It aids in better heart condition
  • Also fights against unwanted inflammation
  • It cures against seasonal allergies like fungal or bacterial infections
  • Also helps to treat Eczema
  • It reduces constipation
  • Also cures chapped lips
  • It helps to treats baldness
  • Also helps in aiding sexual problems
  • It treats chronic cough
  • Also helps in breast milk production
  • It helps in regulating high blood pressure

Uses & Effectiveness

The uses and effectiveness of methi/fenugreek seed in abundance. You can add this as a regular part of your dietary routine to experience the best of it. It tackles various kinds of common diseases with homely treatment.

Now, let’s look at the uses and effectiveness of methi/fenugreek seed:

Menstrual Cramp

reducing menstrual pain in women

Methi dana aids in reducing menstrual pain in women. A dosage of 1800-2700 gm of methi dana/fenugreek seed 3 times daily during the first three days can help to reduce the menstrual cramp.Next, the reminder days of your menstruation you can have 900 mg thrice a day. In this way, you can skip the idea of having painkillers during your painful menstrual cramp.

Controlled Blood Sugar

 Controlled Blood Sugar

This magic seed can work wonders for treating your high blood sugar. Diabetics can easily reduce the level of their blood sugar by consuming fenugreek seed.

The dosage for the diabetic patient would be 5 grams daily. This is the right proportion of dosage for any diabetic patient.

Lactating Mother

beneficial for Lactating Mother

Fenugreek water is incredible for lactating moms as it helps in milk creation. Methi dana has consistently been one of the health-beneficiary properties that are used in small proportion. However, it is excellent in treating various health conditions.

For pregnant women just as nursing moms, fenugreek seeds are extremely beneficial. This is the reason these are used in ladoos that are made particularly for new moms to help in creating milk production for their newborn babies.

Treating Sexual Problems

 increase their sexual activity

Women having lower sex drive can increase their sexual activity for their partner by consuming fenugreek seed. The dosage of fenugreek seed comprises 600 mg each day to obtain an optimum result. In this way, you can increase your interest in sex with your partner.


Reduction in Weight Loss

reduce Weight lossConsuming fenugreek soaked water empty stomach is remarkable for boosting digestion.

Its utilization produces heat in the body and helps in weight reduction and getting thinner.

If you wish to get in shape, fenugreek seed is your answer.

Digestive Benefits

 good for digestive system

Fenugreek water is an incredible digestive agent. Its customary utilization may help reinforce the stomach related problems and treat issues attached to gastritis and swelling. It is most valuable when consumed during the cold season.

Thus, consuming fenugreek seeds also help in digestion and aid in proper bowel movement. Fenugreek seeds additionally aid in blockage and stomach ulcers that cause a ton of health-related issues. These seeds have antioxidant properties and fibers that release the body from toxic components.


What is Fenugreek Seed? What it is used for?

Fenugreek SeedMethi dana/Fenugreek seed belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is considered one of the popular staple food components of Indian and European cuisine. The fenugreek seed used in a cooking method such as curry powder, herbs, pickles, and also spices mixture.

Others use it to treat Parkinson’s. A few people believe fenugreek assists with empowering lactation in breastfeeding women and also assist with indications of menopause. Others use it to help food craving and decrease stomach issues like ulcers.

How to Consume Fenugreek Seed?

There are 4 different ways you can intake fenugreek seeds. Consume it raw early morning empty stomach to support weight reduction. Eat it as a sprout form or add it to your daily salad. You can also roast the seeds, crush them into a powder, and sprinkle on meat to give it more flavor. Or on the other hand, you can crush it into a fine paste and add it to curry.

Can Fenugreek water Consume every day?

Fenugreek water Consume every day

Yes, you can drink raw fenugreek seeds every day routinely. Soaked raw methi dana overnight and consume it early morning empty stomach. You can drink the soaked fenugreek seed two to three times a day to experience the best of it.


What are the advantages of soaked fenugreek seeds overnight in the water?

Yes, you can drink raw fenugreek seeds every day routinely. Soaked raw methi dana overnight and consume it early morning empty stomach. You can drink the soaked fenugreek seed two to three times a day to experience the best of it.

Can Fenugreek seed consume raw without soaking?

Consuming a couple of unsoaked fenugreek seeds won’t do any damage. Yet, do remember that fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight to soften and rehydrate it.

By Aditi Paul

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