5 best summer drinks that will help you to lose weight

Best Summer Drinks to help you Slim Naturally

Losing weight and getting rid of that flab around the waist is a strenuous task. We all have followed a strict diet regime to get that perfect lean look but efforts go in vain when one craved for food because the fasting has left us discontented and famished. Summers are here in its full glory with its juicy fruits and vegetable tempting you to enjoy the plethora of chill flavors. Do not feel guilty to savour the taste, they are healthy options, they not just boost your metabolism but they also aid you in burning your fat. These summer drinks that will help you to lose weight.

Here are a few summer drinks that will help you to lose weight.

1. Lemonade Juice

A chill glass of lemonade made from lemon with added mint leaves can rejuvenate you in a short time.


Lemonade juice

How to make

  • Take raw lemons, squeeze them in a chilled glass of water.
  • Add honey and black salt to your taste.
  • Wash few leaves of fresh mint and hurl them in the lemon water.
  • Lemonade or Shikanjavi (North Indian name for the drink ) is ready to sip.

Apart from vitamin C, the immunity booster, pectin fiber in Lemon is responsible for weight loss. Such a cool thirst quencher, one of the widely consumed summer drinks that will help you to lose weight.

2. Cucumber Mint drink

Cool Cucumber has a mild, refreshing taste and is filled with 96% of water. An ideal vegetable to rehydrate in scorching summers is filling, will not let you binge whole day as it has high fiber and aids in weight loss.


Cucumber Mint drink

How to make

  • Take one Cucumber, few mint leaves and blend them.
  • Sieve and pour it in glass, can add water to dilute it.
  • Squeeze a lemon and add black salt to it.
  • Garnish this detox drink with 2-3 zingy mint leaves and thin slices of lemon while adding ice cubes on the top.

Relish the refreshing and low-calorie detox chilled drink.

3.Lauki (Bottle Gourd ) Juice

It is regarded as one of the healthiest vegetables. They tend to lose their nutrients on cooking so consume once in a while as juice which will also keep your stomach cool and reduce body heat.


Lauki juice

How to make

  • Take one cup washed, peeled, and chopped Lauki in a blender.
  • Add half a spoon cumin powder, pepper and salt to taste.
  • Squeezing Lemon in it enhances the flavor.
  • Blend it nicely and pour in a glass with ice cubes. It is advised to consume it fresh.

The best time to have it in is morning and a small glass is enough.

Bottle gourd is high in fiber. It is rich in multivitamins,  minerals and is prescribed to reduce flab.

4. Watermelon Juice

This giant fruit is blessed with an abundant amount of water and essential nutrients. Use it extensively this summer to make a cooler that’s tasty and healthy.


Watermelon juice

How to make

  • Take 2 – 3 cups of watermelon cubes, deseeded.
  • Put it in a blender jar.
  • Add two spoons of squeezed lemon and few mint leaves along with ice cubes.
  • Blend all ingredients and serve it immediately.

Such a cool, sweet, and refreshing, perfect summer sip.

This keeps your heart healthy and is an ideal diet for weight loss. It is a negative calorie fruit, which burns more calories during digestion. This vibrant summer drinks that will help you to lose weight

5. Amla Juice

Start your day with the juice of this highly revered fruits in Ayurveda. Indian Gooseberry has sour taste combined with sweetness and bitterness in it.


Amla juice

How to make

  • Take Amla, grate it, or chop it discarding the seeds.
  • Blend these slices of Amla with water nicely to turn it to paste.
  • Strain the mixture well and flavour it with cardamom powder, honey for sweetness, and salt to taste.

Amla is a powerhouse of antioxidants and is very good for the digestive system. It accelerates metabolism and a speeded-up metabolism will burn calories effectively. Use this weight loss beverage to lose that stubborn flab.

Quench your summer thirst with these nutritious summer detox drinks and slim down naturally.

By Rashmi Sharma


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