Increase weight while sitting at home with this protein shake

Increase weight with protein shake

The leanness of a human body reduces its confidence, therefore many people are want to increase weight. Many people consider lean to be fit, whereas this is not so. Where a person should not be too fat, he should not be too lean. You can increase your weight while sitting at home. For this, you have to consume some essential things and a protein shake is one of them.

The protein shake will be effective in increasing your weight. You do not need to bring this protein shake from outside, you can make it at home. After daily exercise, you can drink this shake.

Prepare shake like this

Prepare protein shake

To make a protein shake, you have to take milk, flax seeds powder, and chocolate powder. In case of non-availability of flax seeds powder, its powder can be prepared at home from its seeds. Add milk to the grinder to make the shake. Now put the flax seed powder and chocolate powder in the grinder and stir for at least five minutes. When this protein shake is ready, drink it after exercise. You will start seeing its effect in a few days.

How will it increase weight

Drinking this protein shake is recommended because the fluids in addition to the milk present in it are helpful in gaining weight. With this protein, the body gets new energy as well as it creates new cells in the body.

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