Knees Replacement successful at IVY Hospital – Mohali

Knee Replacement

A 150-kg man undergoes knees replacement successfully

A 65-yr man weighing around 150-kg and with a morbid condition has undergone Knees Replacement successfully at Ivy Hospital, Mohali recently. Due to his abnormal weight, the patient was housebound and in a lot of pain.

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, head of orthopedics & joint replacement who performed the surgery said that the patient was suffering from arthritis for the last 10-yr, which was progressively increasing due to his morbid obesity and severe disease.

He was operated upon with a new stitch-less replacement technique and after a few hours of surgery, he was back on his feet, said Dr. Bhanu. He was discharged from Ivy after 5th  day of surgery.

Dr. Bhanu further informed that the stitch-less knee replacement technique is getting popular nowadays as more and more patients with bad knees are opting for this new technique.

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