Silence the Mind To Heal Your Soul & Attain Mental Peace

True healing occurs when we permit ourselves to feel committed to our thoughts and stop chasing what our mind wants to get our soul’s needs. Healing starts when you silence the mind along with accepting and loving yourself with all your flaws.

The soul knows how to heal itself. Sometimes when a child gets hurt and starts crying get even louder when the child catches the mother’s attention. On the other hand, if the mother ignores the crying child, the child stops crying as he gets a message that his problem is not as big as he thinks. Similarly, if you pay heed to negative thoughts it gets louder, and to shut your screaming brain indulge yourselves in something that boosts serotonin & dopamine.

Find your inner spirit, so that no one can challenge you from reaching your goals and prove yourself to yourself, not others, because it makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive regarding things.

Challenge Your Thoughts: The Best Way to Silence the Mind

Challenge your mind as much as you challenge your body because a strong brain suffers without complaining while weak minds complain without suffering.

If you correct your thinking, the rest of your life will fall into the right place, so when negative thoughts enter your mind, all you need is to silence the mind with these simple tricks:-

  1. Learn to meditate.
  2. Read the daily newspaper.
  3. Grow a habit of exercise for mental health.
  4. Share your feelings with the one who is closest to you.
  5. Do something nice for yourself.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Hangouts with positive people.

5 Ways to Silence Mind & Overcome Overthinking


(A) Keep the Focus on Problem-Solving

Problem Solving

  1. Instead of focusing on the problems, you have to focus on the solution, negative people see the difficulty in every opportunity, and positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty.
  2. A person has that capability of encouraging themselves because the people who succeed aren’t the ones who avoid failure are the ones who learn how to respond to fail with optimism.
  3. You can deal with unexpected situations. It’s all about cultivating the attitude of being present, if someone is digging their point of view of being present in the small things it percolates into every area of your life.
  4. People have to be mentally and physically preparing themselves in every situation so that people easily solve their problems with a free state of their mind, and automatically generate the idea of being a solving problem with proper silence of the mind

(B) Train Your Brain to Silence the Mind  

Train Your Brain

  1. A positive mindset brings positive things to train your brain to see the good in every situation
  2. It automatically makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive and silence the mind. Get out of your comfort zones, train your brain by staying positive, be smarter, you have to be focused, and get a healthy diet.
  3. Train your brain at that level where there is no place for pessimistic kinds of pieces of stuff that affect your mental health as well.
  4. Your brain works just like a computer so make sure you are the only one programming it, so when you fill it with positive thoughts life will start to change.

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(C) Do Gardening


  1. Gardening is the fine art of soul to the soil, and one of the best mindfulness skills is awareness of something which can improve many aspects of mental health, focus and concentration improve mood.
  2. Gardening can reduce negative thoughts and feelings can make you feel better at that moment. Remember that only you can change your mindset and the maker of your own who can always correct it.
  3. Gardening will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

(D) Self-talk: Self Buster

self talk

  1. Self-talk has mental skills that allow solving problems, reflects your innermost feelings think differently.
  2. Bring your self-talk under your control either you keep on talking useless things you will get programed like a conscious one.
  3.  Think self which creates an attitude of pessimism attitude of defeatism, which can reduce the harmful effects of stress, anxiety, overthinking that help incompatible the brain stress-free.
  4. Work on positive goals and love yourself with all your heart.

(E) Hang out with Positive People

  1. Prepare your brain by reading, hearing, watching positive kinds of stuff, and hangouts with positive people, and the mind becomes slowly cleansed by negative thoughts.
  2. When negative thoughts come into your mind just take a walk outside with your friends, mindful driving just by ignoring that negative chatter that comes into your mind by absorbing mind into positive energy.
  3. You just do not always need a companion to make you happy sometimes roaming around on the road and admiring your surroundings is the best way to get rid of negative thoughts.
  4. Avoid hanging out with negative people to have a positive life.

hangout with positive people


See yourself as a whole no matter how sick or broken your body feels. overthinking leads to negative chatter,  hair loss, anxiety, depression, mental illness, stress, headache.

The positive thinker sees the possibilities in every impossible way. Remember you are the best creator of your mind.

90 per cent of problems would be solved if you stop overthinking things, so take a deep breath and calm down.

(Positive mind+ Positive vibes+Positive life)

Written By: Jahnavi Sharma 

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