The worst time to have green tea

Green tea is a healthy drink and is getting popular because of the plethora of benefits it has. Not that it just boosts your health but also it can improve your skin and hair.

You must have seen people sipping it all day long and do not mind having one at night. But, you need to have it a certain way for its benefits to affect you.

Before you brew yourself a cup of green tea, do you know there are a few times during the day that you should not drink it?

Yes, if consumed at a certain time of the day, it can do more harm than good.

To avail maximum health benefits from green tea, it is necessary to have it at the right time.

So what can be the best time to consume this!

Here is what you should know about drinking this beverage.


  • No to early morning cup of green tea

Many believe that consuming green tea on an empty stomach can kick start your metabolism, but it is a misconception. It contains strong antioxidants and polyphenols in it and it tends to increase the production of gastric acid which can possibly upset your stomach. It can have adverse effects on the liver.


  • With meals or just after

It is not recommended to take green tea along with a meal or just after the meal. Try keeping at least an hour’s gap between your meal and green tea. Although it improves your digestion, but if you drink along with your meal or soon after it, it can reduce the absorption of nutrients from the food. This can lead to nutrient deficiency in the long run. Therefore, in all the timing when you choose to drink the beverage may determine if you will have positive or negative side-effects.


  • Before Bedtime

Sipping a warm cup of tea before going to bed might seem a nice idea however it is not. The caffeine content in green tea can make it difficult to grab sleep. Though it is known for its soothing properties, it does not induce sleep. You should avoid consuming green tea too close to bedtime. This is because it contains amino acid L-theanine which rather makes you alert, makes you focus and concentrate better. Also, this beverage is diuretic, which means that it will urge you to make frequent trips to the toilet. These frequent night-time toilet visits can upset your sleep.


  • Consuming medicine with green tea

Popping your medicines with a cup of green tea is not at all a nice idea., You need to stop this habit. Consuming green tea along with or right after taking your pills can be bad. The medicines contain chemicals that can react with it and lead to acidity. Therefore, it is always desirable to consume your pills with only plain water.


Unless had in moderation, it could cause some trouble to your body. It is advised that you don’t exceed three cups of green tea in a day since it can lead to dehydration. Moreover, excess of everything is bad and hence too much green tea can also result in your body flushing out some essential nutrients.  


Sip your tea keeping in mind the best time. It does taste great and does wonder to your health.


By Rashmi Sharma

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